Funnel Sticks

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About Us

Funnel Sticks by TNT Confectionery, Inc.

With FUNNEL STICKS, our goal was to create a delicious fried dough treat while resolving not only some ot the production issues associated with funnel cakes (ie - prep/clean up, oil absorption, long lines) - but consumer issues as well (ie - portability, single serving size, great variety). FUNNEL STICKS are the only fried-dough product on a stick that offers portability, variety, single portion size, less greasy, perfect price point for today's economy, virtually no prep, no special equipment and great profitability! Your guests will love them and your staff will love making them! FUNNEL STICKS are more than just a dessert…they’re the ultimate fun food that is associated with the amusement industry. Let FUNNEL STICKS become part of the overall experience for your guests!.

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Below is a pictorial of our current distribution area for direct from the bakery delivery of the Funnel Bread Sticks (Patent Pending). We have currently added NJ, PA, NY, MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME to this map. If you need delivery outside of this area or have any questions, please contact us.

Our Advantages

  • Fast & Easy Ordering

    Visit our sales page and locate the products and quantity you want. Next, give us a call, email us or submit the web form on our contact page. We will then take it from there and be back in touch soon with shipment details.

  • Fun & Delicious Treats

    Once you receive your Funnel Stick products, you are ready to go and the fun & delicious treats are ready to serve up the smiles with your customers. There are many different flavors to enjoy and endless toppings to heap on.

  • Rewarding & Profitable

    Watch your customers enjoy these delicious treats! FUNNEL STICKS are the only fried-dough product on a stick that offers portability, variety, perfect price point for today’s economy and great profitability!.