Funnel Sticks

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Funnel Sticks Info

FUNNEL STICKS are a patent pending product that we have spent years perfecting just for you. Offer variety with our 4 delicious heat resistant glazes and watch your sales soar! From the bag to the fryer, sprinkled with powdered or cinnamon sugar, topped with one of our 4 delicious glazes and in your customer’s hand in less than 3 minutes! Fun to eat... easy to carry... these delicious treats are perfect for the whole family.

We provide everything you need, so you can focus on serving up the fun. FUNNEL STICKS only require a few components that include: pre-baked funnel bread sticks, heat resistant wooden sticks, assorted glazes, decorated paper trays, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar and the toppings of your choice.

Please review the basic steps below to prepare and you will see how fast & easy they really are.

Step One

Insert one of our heat resistant wooden sticks into one of our pre-baked funnel bread sticks.

Step Two

Take the funnel bread stick with the wooden stick inserted and place it into fryer.

Step Three

Allow funnel bread sticks to cook in fryer for 1 1/2 minutes at 350 degrees.

Step Four

Place cooked funnel bread stick in a decorated paper tray and top with powdered sugar and some of our delicious glazes.

Step Five

Dig in and enjoy the unique deliciousness of our patent pending FUNNEL STICKS.

Our Advantages

  • Fast & Easy Ordering

    Visit our sales page and locate the products and quantity you want. Next, give us a call, email us or submit the web form on our contact page. We will then take it from there and be back in touch soon with shipment details.

  • Fun & Delicious Treats

    Once you receive your FUNNEL STICKS products, you are ready to go and the fun & delicious treats are ready to serve up the smiles with your customers. There are many different flavors to enjoy and endless toppings to heap on.

  • Rewarding & Profitable

    Watch your customers enjoy these delicious treats! FUNNEL STICKS are the only fried-dough product on a stick that offers portability, variety, perfect price point for today’s economy and great profitability!