Funnel Sticks

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Everyone loves funnel cake…the favorite original carnival treat. We’ve taken that “old favorite” and just made it easier! Easier for you (the vendor) and easier for your customers to enjoy. FUNNEL STICKS are the only fried-dough product on a stick that offers variety, fast and easy to make, perfect price point for today's economy and great profitability. Which makes them the perfect portable addition to your menu. FUNNEL STICKS are a pre-baked product developed to dramatically reduce prep and cook times, absorbs virtually no oil, which means…no flavor transfer. This allows you to prepare our product in any fryer in the park. Oh, ask us about our “air frying” methods for conveyor pizza ovens!

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FUNNEL STICKS are fun for the whole family and the treat that kids can’t get enough of. The ultimate fun food for fun places!


FUNNEL STICKS offers an exciting and fun way for you to make money with your existing concession stand, booth, or kiosk that provides food or treats. It's the perfect system for Amusement Parks & Pizza Shops.

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TNT Confectionery provides all the support with delicious products that will keep you cooking and make your adventure easy and profitable. Our quick ship system is perfect for those not wanting to stock inventory.

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